Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beechwood - Lakeview Lodge

The Start - lots of water

house pad

house pad in background, tank pad in foreground
At the start it was all a bit much, drought broke after 10 years, I think we helped by building our first house!!
 Frames started

front of house

front verandah

front kids room


front bedrooms

front of house lounge and kids room


front of house

front verandah

front of lounge


back kitchen and living area

back of house

Sorry I haven't updated for a while.....lots have happened

This is looking through the lounge room
front door before door is on
Looking up the hall way from the entry way
Bathroom almost done....mirrors are big!!!!

Kitchen after lights yet!!!

Front of house with tank

Kitchen looking into TV

Sorry it not the right way, this is the ensuite

The electrician should be finished this week, looking at being in around the middle of March 2011